The Terranovian Empire is founded off of freedom and equality. They are known to have laws that can in fact be repealed and ratified by votes. This is their list of laws that keep their society free and crime free.

Laws of Natural AbilitiesEdit

These laws are known to be restrictions and penalties for the use of any Terranovian natural abilities for criminal activity.

Aggressive PowersEdit

  • Aggressive Powers must be utilized in circumstances that are in fact war related in nature

Passive PowersEdit

  • Certain powers are in fact permitted for recreational purposes and for everyday life.
  • Plasma Vision can be used to cook food or to make fires.
  • Freeze Breath is known to put out fires and keep objects such as food or beveraged cold.
  • Superbreath is known for the uses of putting out fires as well and to stop storms pretaining to wind.

Defensive PowersEdit

  • Plasma Vision is used whenever any species attempts to inflict harm on yourself or any other species.
  • Superhuman Strength is allowed whenever you need to protect others or yourself from your or the victim's attackers.
  • Superbreath and Freeze Breath are known to only be used to stop enemies before they can harm you or other species.

Basic LawsEdit

Murder & Self Defense LawsEdit

  • Murder is absolutely forbidden from Terranovian society; anyone in fact murders another person shall recieve the death penalty.
  • Self Defense can be pleaded for in a Terranovian Court; as a result, the accused will be dismissed of all charges and only if they can prove that their self-defense is authenticated by a reading into the accused mind by a Terranovian judge
  • Terranovian Law states that anyone who has pleaded the right of self-defense and have been found guilty; have the right to prove themselves innocent by capturing a rare and powerful beast that is in fact more powerful than they.