The T&H STG-72 (Thompson & Haenel Sturmgewehr 1972) was a formal experimental rifle; now mass produced rifle of the Anti-Fascists.

Fascirian Designs & TestsEdit

By the year 1972; the Fascirians started working on making weapons that combined their weapons with the weapons of the allies; one of these was the creation of a weapon created from a Thompson M1928A1 and their STG-44. When creating the weapon; they needed to manufacture a new round of ammunition for the weapon, which needed to be as long as their intermediate 7.92x33mm Kurz and as wide as the American .45 ACP (11.43x23mm).

This weapon was created by the Fascirians; however upon testing it; they realized that the bullet was too small for piercing armor and so Fuhrer Wolfgang Adler ordered the project discontinued.


By 1972; members of the Anti-Fascists discovered a copy of the blueprints to this weapon and started developing the weapon and improved on the round to pierce the armor of their fascist counterparts. Since then the weapon has gone through several different modifications.

Variants & ModificationsEdit

  • The T&H STG-72 with a 50 Round Magazine