Vital statistics
System Constellation Orion
Class Planet Class M
  • 78% Nitrogen
  • 21% Oxygen
  • 0.9% Argon
  • 0.1% Other (Carbon Dioxide, Water, etc.)
  • Terrain Earth-Like
    Intelligent Beings Quatonaiens
    Number of Moons 1
    Type Sun Red
    Climate 20-90 degrees
    Natural Disasters
  • Civil War
  • Rivers
  • Oceans
  • Lakes
  • Forests
  • Mountains
  • Tundras
  • Plateaus
  • Protected By Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom

    "Its beautiful, if I was able to adapt to its atmosphere I'd move my wife and daughter here"

    -- Aiden Bark

    Quatonai is a Class M and economically developed planet. Its known for its high technological resources and its peaceful civilization the Quatonaiens until the start of the Quatonaien Civil War in 2500 that has been going on until this day.



    Quatonai has been around since the beginning of time, it was more scientifically developed than Earth and dwelled outside the Milky Way Galaxy. They did not want to be discovered and with their technology they hid themselves from Earth and decided to finally go public in 2100.

    Protection by the I.A.FEdit

    In 2420, the I.A.F had shown interest in this planet and expressed a desire to put it under their protection. The government at the time agreed to this.

    The Civil WarEdit

    In 2499, after the new Daemon government had been elected to lead Quatonai, Quatonai's peaceful methods had died and the Daemon government had made the planet more hostile threatening war on lesser developed planets, this led to them also banning natural birth and assigned all children to be "created" in a vat instead of being birthed. In 2500, a couple had disobayed this law and had a child named Cleptsii Davinion, this enraged the Daemon government and they set out a task force to find and kill the family thus leading the civillians to retaliate and defend the baby starting a Civil War.

    The ProphecyEdit

    In 1790 a Sage predicted a prophecy that the planet would go to war and only a natural Quatoanien could stop it. Contrary to popular belief this individual has been identified as Cleptsii Davinion although he has not gathered the "strength" to fulfill it yet. The prophecy says:

    "He who is born naturally shares the blood of the Creator, he is the only one who can save us from self-destruction through the power of the Artifacts: He must find The Orb, The Cube, and the Staff"