Postimian Palace of the Sorcerer
Postimian Palace of the Sorcerer
Vital statistics
Location Postimira 6
Owner(s) The Sorcerer of the Postimians
Current Status Standing
The Postimian Palace of the Sorcerer is the largest and most grand buildings on the planet of Postimira 6, located in the Andromeda Galaxy.


The Postimians told once of a very powerful sorcerer who came to their world and possessed powers that overthrew an evil sorceress and dark queen of all. Once the queen was overthrown and fleed her castle, the sorcerer was worshipped as their savior and so they decided to create a palace ten times greater than that of the evil sorceress' palace. Once the palace was complete, the sorcerer took his first steps into the castle walls and flew up to the highest point which was his palace.

Sorcerer & KingEdit

When he sat upon the throne for the first time in his life, the sorcerer was known as king and the protector of the Postimians. He also established an army for the entire nation in case he is ever to be off the planet, the army would protect them from harm. He was also said to have fallen in love with a Postimian woman named Grianna and when he asked her to marry him, she accepted his proposal.

Wedding & A QueenEdit

After month of preparations, the royal wedding took place between the sorcerer and Grianna. Once they were married, she became the queen of the Postimians. A year later, she and the sorcerer announced that she was in fact going to produce an heir to the throne.

The Death of a King & ProphecyEdit

Several years later, after the birth of their son, the sorcerer died of an unknown cause. No one was capable of killing the sorcerer and no one could ever figure out how he died either.

The Return of the SorceressEdit

When news spread to the Sorceress in the east, she decided to send her armies to the palace and reclaim what was hers to begin with and she managed to succeed.

Prophecy: Return of the SorcererEdit

On the night of the sorcerer's passing, a young Postimian by the name of Alridge considered that the sorcerer had a way of keeping himself alive. He predicted that the sorcerer would comeback in several millenia.

The Prophecy FullfilledEdit

By the year 2436, the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom sent Aaron Carter and Claire Porter to investigate a new planet they recently found in the 2nd sector of the Andromeda Galaxy. They traveled to the planet and landed, however upon landing, they were encountered by guards of the evil sorceress. They were bought to the palace and were questioned infront of the people by the sorceress. The people took notice at the portrait of the sorcerer and noticed that Aaron bared the uncanny resemblance to him. The people started to see him as the lost sorcerer and demanded he be let go, along with Claire. The sorceress noticed the same portrait of the sorcerer and saw same appearance. She ordered him be executed at high noon the next morning. When they were going to kill him and take his head off, the weapon they used didn't kill him at all, instead it got busted up because of the nanobots that made up his skin. Aaron managed to break free of his bondage and decided to show his true power to the sorceress and her followers. His powers proved too great for the old sorceress and so he decided to banish her for all eternity from the palace, as well as the planet. She understood completely and left without hesitation.