"Aiden...we're gonna have a little pup"

-- Melissa Cane

Melissa Bark (nee Cane) is a Werewolf currently working in the Werewolf Division of the I.A.F. She is the wife of Aiden Bark and roommate of the vampire Abraham Johnson. In 2485, Aiden infected her.


Early LifeEdit

Melissa was born in New Kansas, New Earth, 2460. She was born to a big family with 5 brothers and 3 sisters, Melissa was the second youngest with the youngest being her sister Amanda. Melissa was most notable out of her siblings for being the only one with blonde hair (which she inherited from her grandmother). In high school she began dating Aiden Bark in her sophomore year he would become the love of her life as they remained together even until the end of high school.

Aiden's infectionEdit

Melissa was the first and only person Aiden told when he was infected in 2480. She began to patch him up and Aiden asked her to run away with him. Melissa agreed and the two ran away later that night.

New FloridaEdit

The couple moved to New Florida and rented an apartment, they had a roommate named Abraham Johnson who was secretly a Vampire. One month later Arbaham and Aiden revealed to eachother that they were a Vampire and Werewolf, the three then bonded even more.

Becoming a WerewolfEdit

In 2485, Abraham hadn't chained Aiden properly and so Aiden wolfed out, knocked out Aiden, scratched Melissa and ran away. Melissa burst in to tears after discovering she had been scratched but they were also tears of joy because now she was closer to Aiden. The day after the memory haunted Aiden and he begged for forgiveness and swore to find a cure, Abraham did the same thing and left New Florida to search any leads for a cure.

First TransformationEdit

Melissa WolfForm

Aiden had found a lead on a which was to kill his maker, Aiden hoped killing his maker would cure him and Melissa. One day Aiden discovered the man that scratched him and went to kill him later that night leaving Melissa alone for her first transformation. Melissa chained herself up in the basement and transformed. The day after she recalled the transformation as like journeying to hell and back.


Aiden had returned home telling Melissa of his success. The two believed they were cured and in the heat of the moment Aiden proposed, Melissa obviously agreed. One month later the two discovered they were not cured of their lycanthropy. The day after Abraham had returned with another werewolf named Terry, a man who can control his inner wolf. Terry agreed to help Melissa and Aiden control their inner wolf. Melissa and Aiden spent the next 5 days meditating, eventually Melissa tapped into it and learned to control her inner wolf. Melissa could now control her wolf but also transform day and night too.

Joining the I.A.FEdit

One day the I.A.F came to Melissa's house and wanted to recruit her and Aiden as part of their new "Werewolf Division" (which were to recruit young Werewolves and stop them from leading savage lives as Werewolves), Melissa and Aiden agreed.


It had been 10-years since Melissa and Aiden had joined the I.A.F and Aiden had really turned the Werewolf populace around and also Melissa was 7 months pregnant and it was meant to be a baby girl.

The birthEdit

Finally the 9 months were up and Melissa was due any day. One day on the full moon it was transformation time but their was a problem, Melissa had gone into labour, Aiden was worried that the birth and transformation would kill the baby. Aiden had his doubts of the babies survival but agreed to stay with her until the end. After hours of pain and struggling, they had finally transformed and Melissa had given birth to twins: a boy and girl, the happy couple named them Ralph (meaning wolf counsel) and Luna (meaning moon) out of respect for their werewolf persona.

Moving to DivinusEdit

In 2500, Aiden had found out a planet named Divinus were very accepting of Werewolves and welcomed any that would come to their planet, Melissa and Aiden both agreed it would be a good enviroment to raise their now 5 year old children. In 2501, Melissa and Aiden had finally obtained a house and immediately moved to the planet Divinus. They were greeted very nicely and had a beautiful house with a great view and great neighbors.


In 2505 after 4 years of living on Divinus, Melissa couldn't possibly ask for more. She was married to the love of her life, a proud mother and living in a great economy. But she would lose all of this including her life in the Siege of Divinus. Where Vampires overran the planet, enslaving Werewolves and Divinus's native species. Melissa and Aiden fought alongside the Werewolves but they were both ultimately killed by the Vampires.