Heaven's Raven is a custom designed leading starfighter developed by Raven Carter.

Early StartEdit

Upon her start in the fighting against the Militia; Raven decided to create a starfighter that wasn't standard or conventional. She created an entirely new space airframe for the fighter and when she completed the craft; she proved it to be one of the most advanced figthters in the arsenal in the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom.

Protection of the USS PoseidonEdit

In the same year of it's creation; a distress call came in from the Freedom-Class Flagship USS Poseidon. The Poseidon reported that Odin-Class Attackers sent by the Fascirians attacked the ship out of nowhere and killed the captain. Adam Stetson was in command of the ship now and they were losing power. The USS Warpstar was sent to assist the ship; once there, they dispatched King Viper X-200 fighters, X-267 Quadstars and Raven commanded the fighters that assisted the ship against it's attackers. Heaven's Raven proved not only against the attackers; but also against Horten 2436 Reichstars as well.


Since it's creation; Heaven's Raven has proven one of the most unbeatable starfighters in the I.A.F fleet.