"I'm the Blackbeard of space pirates, mate"

--Dog Loganson

Douglas "Dog" Loganson or Captain Loganson was a famous former pirate in the 26th century. He converted to the Custos Order after realizing the error of his ways in 2520 but remained undercover as a pirate from 2521 - 2529.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known of his early life but all the I.A.F records could pick up was that he was born in New London, New Earth in the year 2480.

Becoming a pirateEdit

Dog became a pirate in 2505, by building his own ship with the fortune he made 5 year prior. He named it The Vampires Predator due to his hatred for Vampires. He spent 15 years as a pirate eventually he saw the error of his ways and retired as a pirate.

Joining the Custos'Edit

He then felt he wanted to belong to something again and joined the Custos Order, they trained him for a year and after his training was complete they assigned him to go undercover as a pirate again and report any potential pirates that would join their cause. In 2524, he told the Custos that the young pirate Luke Conright would be a possible candidate but he had a lot of "growing up" to do.