Cleptsii Davinion (Also known by his Earth name Devon McBrian) is a Quatonaien and a descendnat of The Architect and Eius. He is meant to be Quatonai's savior from self destruction caused by the Civil War. He is also the current owner of The Orb and a survivor of The Inthus. He is related to the human Edward Allen through the Architect's bloodline. He enjoys wearing his hood during missions.


Early LifeEdit

Cleptsii baby

Cleptsii, moments after birth

Cleptsii was born on Quatonai, 2500 during the reign of the Daemon government. Cleptsii was a fugitive at birth due to it being illegal for natural birth on Quatonai and Cleptsii was born naturally. The Daemon's then sent out a task force to find and kill Cleptsii and his parents but the civillains retaliated leadind to a Civil War. This gave Cleptsii's parents enough time to send him off in an escape pod. The destination was set for Terranovia but ended up malfunctioning and sending Cleptsii to Earth instead, Cleptsii's parents were captured and killed moments after the escape pod had blasted off. The escape pod landed on New Earth in the small town of New Kansas, where the couple: Miles and Mia McBrian found Cleptsii and took him in and renamed him Devon. When Devon was 4, and due to him being under a yellow sun, he displayed his first signs of having powers after his parents discovered this thay taught him to hone his senses and to also keep his powers a secret.

Discovering his heritageEdit

After, Devon had graduated high school and was about to leave for the big city his parents showed him the escape pod he had arrived in and told him he was Quatoaien. Devon went to touch the pod when he accidently triggered a hologram of his mother, his mother explained to him of the Civil War, and the prophecy involving himself, the hologram then ended.

Leaving New EarthEdit

Devon knew that Quatonai needed his help and staying on New Earth wouldn't help, so his "father" Miles bought him a ticket to board a transport vessel for Quatonai. Devon then left a few days later.

Arriving on QuatonaiEdit

Upon arriving on his home planet he saw a wanted poster of himself, wondering why and not taking any chances Devon put his hood up to lower suspicions but coming through all passengers were searched by the Quatonaien military, not wanting to use his powers to hurt anybody and with no means of escape Devon decided to allow himself to be search when he was being searched the military recognized him straight away and arrested him. He was then brought to the Daemon government himself and they set a time and date for his "public" execution: 12 January 2519, 10:30 AM, only a month away.

Life in prison and escapeEdit

Devon spent a month in prison and had a very unusual cell mate named Durrankar only a few years older than himself, Durrankar and Devon formed a friendship and also devised a plan to escape. While devising this plan, Devon suggested they take Abii, Dikania and the teenage runaway Malcov with them on their escape due to them being allies of The Liberators Army and also because they were nice people, Durrankar agreed and informed them of their plan. On 11 January 2519 a day before Devon's execution they decided to put their plan in motion and escape. Malcov knocked out a guard and took his key unlocking Devon's, Durrankar's, Dikania's and Abii's cells they then stealthily stole another guards key to a nearby space vessel. They then escaped to the docking bay took the ship and escaped the formerly glorious planet. Devon liked the ship and decided to claim it as his own and name it The Hawk, a ship that would later go down in Quatonaien History.

Searching for The ArtifactsEdit

After escaping, the group knew they couldn't just abandon Quatonai and decided to end the war. Dikania then remembered Devon was a natural born and he was part of The Sage's prophecy and he had The Architect's genetics and therefor could wield the legendary artifacts, Dikania then told Devon that they needed to find The Artifacts mentioned in the prophecy and end the war. The first Artifact was The Orb located in The Inthus on the planet Necros 5, The Hawk set its destination. On the way there Durrankar tells Devon that due to his genetics he can maintain the power of strength, speed and flight without having to be under a blue/yellow sun.

A few days later The Hawk finally arrives on Necros 5, Durrankar then tells Devon he must retrieve The Orb alone as beings without The Architect's genetics would not survive The Inthus' puzzles and tricks. Devon then leaves The Hawk and uses his flight abilities to find The Inthus, after hours of leaping and searching he finally finds The Inthus and cuts himself revealing his blood to The Inthus, the door to its chambers opens and he enters. Cleptsii with his Quatonaien smartness he beats the puzzles and uses his powers to defeat the obstacles, he finally encounters the final obstacle: an Alpha Feral, Devon eventually defeated the Alpha Feral and obtaine The Orb, he received a message from The Architect himself congratulating him on his success and that his prize was a quarter of his knowledge: The Knowledge of Battle. Devon then knew all their was to know about battles in history, methods and more. Devon then returned to The Hawk and informed his friends of his success.

Search for The CubeEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to him being Quatonaien and also descending from The Architect's bloodline he has the same abilities of Quatonaines but he due to him being a descendant of The Architect his abilities are more enhanced. Due to him being part of the Architect's bloodline, he possesses super strength, speed and flight not under the influence of a blue or yellow sun (but his other abilities come from a blue or yellow sun). He can also go to planets without needing to adapt or a space suit due to him being part of the Architect's Bloodline.


Unfortunately not under a blue/yellow sun he loses his powers (accelerated healing, invulnerability etc but not his strength, speed and flight) also Cleptsii is capable of flight but has not mastered this ability so at the moment he only leaps to his destination.

Personality and traitsEdit

Cleptsii/Devon has a very comical personality, seeing the bright side to the most darkest situation although he is easily frustrated by many things making him distracted easily. Cleptsii has a very heroic personality as he almost sacrificed himself to save Archer Carter.

Appears inEdit

  • Across the Heavens: Cleptsii's Story (graphic novel)
  • Across the Heavens: Cleptsii's Story (video game)