"I am the first Super Soldier created for the I.A.F and I will do my best to protect my fellow Humans"

Burt J. Rhode is the first Super Soldier for the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom, the general public see Burt as a Super Hero rather than a Super Soldier, Burt never knew his parents due to him being raised from an infant at the I.A.F Base, at age 18 Burt became the galaxies first Super Soldier. He is also a descendant of Adam Stetson the only possible link to his parents.


Early LifeEdit

"This boy has the potential of being a great soldier...I'm sorry but we are authorised to take your child away"

--Doctor Burt was born in Virginia, 2402. After the doctors discovered Burt's very healthy state, they believed that he had potential to become part of the Super Soldier Project. Burt began training at age 4, at first Burt didn't like to show his full strength because he was afraid of hurting someone. One day at the age of 9, Burt was being bullied by a 10-Year-Old recruit (the best in the program) and began insulting his birth parents and so Burt went into a fury and ended up beating up the recruit, the scientists then saw potential in Burt and began keeping a close eye on him.

The ProcedureEdit

"You okay?"

"Yeah, what's there to be afraid of?"

"Every one of our subjects died during the procedure, that's what you should be afraid of"


--Doctor to Burt about the procedure

When Burt turned 18, he was chosen to become a Super Soldier. Burt went through a series of injections before the procedure started. Burt remembers recalling the actual procedure painful but as many people said he had the genes of a fighter and eventually pulled through it, Burt described the feeling that it was like his muscles were being pulled apart.

Life as a Super SoldierEdit

"OH MAN! I LOVE THIS!!" Burt has had many adventures as a Super Soldier and saved Earth and other planets from great threats along with his other Super Soldier comrades. But now with the rise of a new enemy, this will be the greatest fight of Burt's life which will leave him changed forever.

Battle with The DarknessEdit

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Team up with Callum MaddoxEdit

"There is Little to know about me but if theres one thing you need to its that with my Brains and Your Brawn we will be the Ultimate Team"

"Did you just call me stupid?"

--Burt and Callum

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Appears InEdit

Across The Heavens: Super Soldier (Main Protagonist)

Across The Heavens: Battle For New Earth (Main Protagonist)

Across The Heavens: Legacy (Supporting Character)