Alpha Ferals (A.K.A "Feral Werewolves") are the progenitors of the Werewolves found on New Earth. These beings are in fact from the planet of Necros 5; where they are considered the mortal enemies of the Vampires.


Alpha Ferals' origin is unknown; however the mostly widely credible account is that they were created by a totally different virus that was created centuries before. A group of humans who lived on the planet, attempted to establish another city far away from the cities on the other side of the planet.

They were said to have established a city; however when the first wolf was seen on the planet, it attacked a member of their civilization. This led to a spread of the virus that would later turn them into werewolves.


The Alpha Ferals weren't discovered until 2436 by the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom; however they told no one about them because they wanted the species to be left in peace.


By the year 2444; Alpha Ferals were found by the New Earth Science team where they managed to capture one and started tests. When they discovered the capabilities of the beings; they started seeking a way to create them more controllable and make them into supersoldiers for the military.

When the experiment failed; a new form of Werewolf was made; however although more controllable.


The Alpha Ferals are known to be a very tall and menacing species of Werewolf, which in fact so dangerous, it is in the Top 10 most uncontrollable beasts of the universe. These are also known to be very hairy and extremely wolf-like; however they are capable of bipedal and quadpedal movement; which quadpedal allows them to be even faster. One of the most strange things about the Alphas are that they despise their controlled counterparts and will kill them if they ever cross them anywhere.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Unlike the other werewolves; these beings are known to be immortal and possess partial-invulnerable. They are also known to be extremely stronger and even faster than their weaker counterparts; as well as possessing extremely powerful endurance. They also have senses that are far sharper than their counterparts; also possessing a sharper healing factor. They also have an extremely superpowered leap; enabling them to jump up to 100ft in the air.


The most common weaknesses that Alphas and their controlled counterparts share is that they can be killed by anything made or laced with silver. Alphas are also known to be killed by beings more powerful than they are such as the Terranovians.

Mating & BirthEdit

Alphas are known to meet their mates at a young age; however they will not begin mating until the male's 20th birthday. Usually it's the first female they choose and when they do mate; it's like any other species. They also birth the same way and teach their young how to hunt and even seek out other females.